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Transforming Healthcare Imaging with CanadaBay Medical Center

CanadaBay Medical Imaging's Journey of Unlocking Innovation in Healthcare Imaging.



CanadaBay Medical Center embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare imaging services. A comprehensive web application solution was provided, empowering both medical professionals and patients with seamless access to all the information.


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Web development
UI/UX design
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Responsive Design

CanadaBay Medical Center's dedication to excellence propelled them to seek innovative solutions to improve patient care.

CanadaBay Medical Imaging approached us with the aim of developing a comprehensive web application that would streamline the process of viewing, archiving, and exchanging CT scanned studies among doctors. With over 30 years of experience specializing in Health Diagnostic Imaging, CanadaBay sought to leverage technology to enhance patient care and facilitate collaboration among healthcare professionals. In response to their needs, we developed CBLink, a sophisticated web platform designed to meet the specific requirements of medical imaging in the digital age.


CanadaBay Medical Center's streamlined approach not only enhanced diagnostic accuracy but also facilitated faster treatment decisions, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

They emerged as a game-changer in healthcare imaging, providing a centralized platform for efficient data management and collaboration. Its intuitive interface and advanced features empowered medical professionals to optimize their workflow, driving productivity and clinical efficiency.


Client’s expectations

  • Seamless online service for viewing CT scanned studies.
  • User-friendly interface accessible to both medical professionals and patients.
  • Solution that would transform the healthcare imaging landscape.

Results of the collaboration

Through close collaboration with CanadaBay Medical Imaging, CBLink delivered beyond expectations, resulting in a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem.

  • Through the collaborative efforts between CanadaBay Medical Center and our team, a transformative web application solution was developed. This solution significantly enhanced the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare imaging services.
  • The comprehensive web application empowered both medical professionals and patients with seamless access to all pertinent information related to healthcare imaging which led to better-informed decision-making.
  • Client's expectations are successfully met and seamless online service was delivered. The user-friendly interface accessible to both medical professionals and patients fulfilled the client's vision of transforming the healthcare imaging landscape.

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